He proposed.

She said No.

His heart broke.

Her heart broke.

Marriage on their journey; Broken!

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She’s 35, single and desperately searching, has a dirty past, found faith on her journey to marriage. When her faith interferes with her desperation what would she do? Who will marry her? What about her past? What does marriage hold for her? Find Out.

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He stood at the door with a tray in his hands hoping the beautiful figure on the bed would look his way. He moved few steps forward and bent down to drop the tray on the table. It contained two cups of tea and a plate of fried eggs – golden brown, exactly the way Melissa loved it.

He climbed onto the bed and whispered into her right ear “Good morning love.” There was no reply. He knew she was not yet awake, her sleep was always deep except on days when she was sick.

“Wakeee wakeeee” he said into her ear again, his voice a bit louder. She rolled to the other end of the bed. He stretched out his second leg to prevent her from falling off the edge. “She must be dreaming.” He thought to himself and smiled. The last time she fell off the edge of the bed, she had confessed she was playing hard with him in her dreams. “Who knows what she’s doing in her dream this time?” He thought.

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After some thoughts and natural struggles within herself, she summoned courage to reply his text.

“Dear Jarvis, I’m sorry for what i’m about to write. The truth is that I’m not seeing us together. I’m not sure we’re meant to be. The appointment with Mr. Glisson won’t be necessary anymore.” He had sent her a message to find out the time for their first appointment with the marriage counsellor.

“You are joking, aren’t you?”

“I’m not. I’m sorry.”

“Like seriously? You don’t want to marry me anymore? Do you think I’m lying about my conversion? I’m not. I’m changed for real. God helping me, I won’t bother you with my sexual urges anymore. Please don’t do this to us.”

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A pleasant wave travelled through her body as she remembered him. “His goodnight message” her mind reminded. She blushed, her hand reaching quickly to her phone. The disappointment on her face was obvious as there was no message notification. She stretched herself on the bed and cuddled up again causing the memories to refresh in her head. Her life had not remained the same in the last one week. The joy she felt whenever they talked is unusual. “What is this feeling?” She had asked herself over and over again. Her phone beeped.

“Hey lovely. I hope today was kind to you. I had a pleasant day with pleasant memories of you. Just wanted to wish you sweet dreams and to remind you that I’m here for you. I’ll still be here for you in the morning when your pretty face awakes. Good night my lady.”

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Melissa was glad to leave and be by herself. It had been a hot afternoon session with Mr. Glisson. Rather than just taking down her name and giving her a date for the commencement of their premarital counselling, he had been more concerned with helping her reason through her decision. After getting her to give every piece of information he wanted, he had perceived that a lady may be making a wrong choice.

“Miss Melissa, you must be sure that you are compatible with this man. You need to take a compatibility test and your faith should be the first to be considered.” He had said after giving her a date.

Her hungry stomach jumped for joy as her nose breathed in the smell of a nicely prepared food. In less than three minutes of settling down in a chair, the waiter was there to receive her orders. It took longer to finish the meal as she pondered the words of the counselor again. Truth be told, she hadn’t known Jarvis enough to ascertain their compatibility. The little she knew however were too obvious to be ignored. Their last misunderstanding had been more of a cold war. Jarvis had not been responsive the way he used to be. They hadn’t had any outing since then and he didn’t seem excited when they talked on phone.

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She shivered with fear as two hands covered her eyes firmly from behind. Beaten with hunger, she had hurried back from church, forgetting to lock the main entrance as she dashed into the kitchen. After a sumptuous meal of noodles and egg, she had settled down to watch a movie on her phone not remembering to lock the door still. A nice but familiar smell graced her nose from the hands. She smiled, realizing who it was. She held the two hands, struggling to remove them. He bursted out laughing and she joined him. It was Jarvis.

“You met everybody after service, except me.” He said, pretending to be annoyed.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t. I was terribly hungry.” she replied, offering him a seat.

“But you still had time to see those girls?” He asked, settling down on the arm of her chair his right hand finding solace on her right shoulder.

“Like seriously, you saw me?”

He nodded. “What’s up with you and those girls anyways?”

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Excited Melissa hopped into the car, sitting comfortably at the owner’s seat. Mrs. Annabel passed her a smile, started the engine and the journey began. This respected deaconess would soon be her mother in law. She was there when she said yes and she had been happy about it. Jarvis, her cute fiance would be discharged today, all things been equal he should meet her parents in less than two weeks. These and many more thoughts kept her face bright as they journeyed to the hospital.

“Peeeeeeem peeeeeeem” Mrs. Annabel honked and Melissa’s wandering mind travelled back. A shabby young girl ran out of the way with a terrified look. She had been right in the middle of the way trying to stop a vehicle that didn’t stop. She drove the car to a small packing space angrily, Melissa could tell she was going to give the girl a hot rebuke.

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She wiggled on her cosy warm bed wishing she could enjoy more of its warmth, but the noises from her busy world would not permit. Living in one of the notorious districts of Lagos comes with such price. She stretched herself and her eyes opened, catching a glimpse of the wall clock. Its 7:00AM on a Saturday morning.

Raising her two hands apart, she yawned and the burden of the previous night returned. Jarvis had created a scene at the restaurant. He had gone down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Everyone had stared, waiting for her to say the three letter word. She couldn’t, neither could she say the other. She had been overwhelmed with confusion and had walked out on him. The words of the Pauline epistle “Be not unequally yoked together with unbelievers” had tormented her from the restaurant to her apartment. She had forced herself to sleep when her thinking was not making a headway.

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After two hours of reading on a Friday evening, she decided to take a break. Catching a glimpse of a busy road from the balcony was a ready option.

It’s been three months since Melissa’s life took a new turn. Three months of making hard decisions, one of which was giving up her modeling career. This should have created a friction between her parents and herself, if she was in their vicinity. Her decision to live alone at this time must have been divinely arranged.

Eight months ago, the pressure to settle down with a man had intensified from both friends and family. “A woman still single at 35 will soon become an object of mockery by the society” her mum had asserted. It was like a bullet traveling into the heart. Fear fired at her and desperation set in. But who? What responsible man would want to build a home with a 35 year old model who had given her body to just any man to gain relevance? Her last resort was to play religion.

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